KleŁ numbered minor planets

Long-term photographic search programme for minor planets was begun at the KleŁ Observatory at the end of seventies using 0.63-m Maksutov telescope (1977-1996), but with insufficient respect to long-arc follow-up astrometry. More than two thousands of provisore designations were given to new KleŁ discoveries. Since 1993 targeted follow-up astrometry of KleŁ candidates has been performed with 0.57-m reflector equipped with CCD camera and reliable orbits for many previous KleŁ discoveries were determined. This telescope we also use for follow-up astrometry of NEOs and comets. Since 2002 we used new 1.06-m KLENOT Telescope, especially for NEO follow-up astrometry.

The photographic programme results in more than 350 numbered minor planets credited to the KleŁ as one of the most prolific world discovery sites, nearly 60 per cent of them were numbered in consequence of CCD follow-up observations since 1994. Several hundred discoveries were also made on CCD images in the course of follow-up programmes.
The majority of KleŁ photographic discoveries belong to the main belt asteroids, but two Amor type asteroids and one Trojan have been found.
Paper Brief summary of KleŁ photographic search programme for minor planets describes results of this KleŁ photographic minor planet survey between 1977 and 1996.
Important CCD discoveries you can find HERE

Numbers, provisional designations and names (including citations) of 1023 numbered minor planets discovered at KleŁ (1977 - 2008) - till Minor Planet Circulars 2007 May 2 (containing MPC codes 046 KleŁ Observatory, ╚eskÚ Budýjovice and 246 KleŁ Observatory-KLENOT).

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An alphabetical list and fulltext search of Klet numbered minor planets.

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