The Astrometry Algorithm Used at the Klet Observatory

Michaela Honkova(1,2), Milos Tichy(1,3), Jana Ticha(1), Michal Kocer(1)

(1) Klet Observatory, Zatkovo nabrezi 4, CZ-370 01 Ceske Budejovice South Bohemia, Czech Republic
(2) Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Enginnering, Institute of Mathematics, Brno, Czech Republic
(3) Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Advanced Geodesy, Prague, Czech Republic

Near-Earth Objects belong to the most important small bodies of the Solar System, having the capability to endanger the mankind. To lower the risk, fast and accurate astrometry of new candidates of this group is essential. Klet Observatory produces reliable astrometric positions which are ready to be sent within few minutes of the images acquisition. Astrometry algorithm used at Klet Observatory is presented here and upcoming enhancements are discussed.

Presented at 2013 IAA Planetary Defense Conference, Flagstaff, AZ, USA, 2013
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