NHow to Communicate Near Earth Objects with the Public - Klet Observatory Experience

Jana Ticha(1), Milos Tichy(1), Michal Kocer(1)

(1) Klet Observatory, Zatkovo nabrezi 4, CZ-370 01 Ceske Budejovice South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Near-Earth Object (NEO) research is counted among the most popular parts of communicating astronomy with the public. Increasing research results in the field of Near-Earth Objects as well as impact hazard investigations cause growing interest among general public and media. Furthermore NEO related issues have outstanding educational value. On the other hand issues related to NEO hazard could attract sensationalists and catasthrophists, so it is necessary to avoid misuderstandings. So thus communicating NEO detection, NEO characterization, possible impact effects, space missions to NEOs, ways of mitigation and impact warnings with the public and media belong to the most important tasks of scientists and research institutions.

Presented at XXIX. GA IAU, Honolulu,. USA, 2015
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