KLENOT Project Contribution to Follow-up Astrometry of PHAs and VIs

Michal Kocer, Michaela Honkova, Jana Ticha, Milos Tichy
Klet Observatory, Zatkovo nabrezi 4, CZ-370 01 Ceske Budejovice, South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Near Earth Object research is important not only to solar system science, but for protecting human society from asteroid and comet hazard as well. An integral part of NEO discovery is astrometric follow-up fundamental for precise orbit computation and for the reasonable judging of future close encounters with the Earth including possible impact solutions. The KLENOT Project is aimed especially to do so. It ranks among the worlds most prolific professional NEO follow-up programmes. Here we present KLENOT project and its contribution to follow-up astrometry of PHAs and VIs, our observing strategy as well as our plans into future.

Poster on Asteroid-Comet Hazard 2009 Conference, St.Petersburg, Russia,
in Protecting the Earth against collisions with Asteroids and comet nuclei, eds. A. Finkelstein, W. Huebner, V. Shor, Saint Petersburg, Nauka, 2010, pp.115-117.
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