KLENOT - NEOs and Virtual Impactors

M. Tichy, J. Ticha, M.Kocer
Klet Observatory, Zatkovo nabrezi 4, CZ-370 01 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic

The significant progress made in NEO discoveries over the last decade by dedicated NEO surveys calls for continuous follow-up astrometry to secure an orbit determination of discovered bodies.
A special category of NEOs in urgent need of astrometry are virtual impactors. V.Is. are the asteroids for which possible impact solutions, compatible with the existing observations are known and a very small, but definitely non-zero, probability of collision exists. Those so called Virtual Impactors are listed on the Sentry Impact Risk page and the NEODys Risk Page. As new positional observations become available, the most likely outcome is that the object´s orbit is improved, uncertainties are reduced, impact solutions are ruled out for future 100 years and the object will eventually be removed from the lists.
This task of NEO astrometric follow-up needs one or more professionally run telescopes of 1-m class or larger all over the world for rapid response. The KLENOT Project (the Kle¯ Observatory Near Earth and Other Unusual Objects Observations team and telescope), started in 2002, is dedicated to the follow-up and discovery of NEOs, namely NEOs in urgent need of additional astrometric positions including Virtual Imapctors. The observing strategies and obtained results of the KLENOT Project, including confirmations of newly discovered NEOs, follow-up of radar targets, recoveries of NEOs in the second opposition and NEO discoveries will be presented and discussed.

Poster on ACM 2005, Brazil
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