Optical Follow-Up Observations of GRBs at the Klet Observatory

J. Polcar, R. Hudec, M. Topinka, J. Ticha, M. Tichy, N. Masetti, G.Pizzichini

The 57 cm CCD telescope of the Klet Observatory has been used for optical follow-up observations of selected GRBs. The limiting magnitude as deep as mag 22 has been obtained. The results obtained will be presented and discussed. We will also address the capabilities of the used system for the GRB analyses as well as the further improvements including the newly developed 1.06 m aperture CCD telescope

Poster presented at the conference Gamma Ray Burst and Afterglow Astronomy 2001, Woods Hole, USA, Nov 5-9, 2001
GAMMA-RAY BURST AND AFTERGLOW ASTRONOMY 2001: A Workshop Celebrating the First Year of the HETE Mission. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 662, pp. 363-365 (2003).
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