The KLENOT Telescope and GRBs

Tichy, M.; Ticha, J.; Kocer, M.; Hudec, R.; Simon, V.

The new 1.06 m CCD KLENOT telescope is now in routine operation at the Klet Observatory, with the primary goal of investigations of NEOs and other unusual objects . We describe the new telescope and related systems and discuss the use of the telescope in GRB optical follow-up observations.

Gamma-Ray Bursts: 30 Years of Discovery: Gamma-Ray Burst Symposium. AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 727, held 8-12 September, 2003 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Edited by E. E. Fenimore and M. Galassi. Melville, NY: American Institute of Physics, 2004., p.593-596
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