Working Group on Definition of Planet

Williams, Iwan P.; Bowell, Edward L. G.; Tedesco, Edward; Consolmagno, Guy J.; Valsecchi, Giovanni B.; Gustafson, Bo A.; Mann, Ingrid; Meech, Karen J.; A'Hearn, Michael F.; Boss, Alan P.; Cruikshank, Dale P.; Levasseur-Regourd, Anny-Chantal; Marov, Mikhail; Morrison, David; Tinney, Chris; Marsden, Brian; Stern, Alan; Ticha, Jana; Askness, Kaare

Abstract. The Working Group was formed at the request of the Board of DivisionIII and approved by the IAU Executive committee in March 2004. This was in recognition of the fact that discoveries in the Trans Neptunian region were repeatedly raising the question of "what is a planet". The task of the WG was to investigate the options available and give indications of the level of support and opposition for each if more than one option was emerging.

IAU Transactions, Vol. 26A, Reports on Astronomy 2002-2005. Edited by O. Engvold. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007., pp.189-189
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