Divisions I & III WG: on Near Earth Objects

Morrison, David; Milani, Andrea; Binzel, Richard; Bowell, Ted; Carusi, Andrea; Chapman, Clark; Harris, Alan; Isobe, Syuzo; Marsden, Brian; Muinonen, Karri; Ostro, Steve; Shor, Victor; Steel, Duncan; Tancredi, Gonzalo; Ticha, Jana; Valsecchi, Giovanni; Yeomans, Don

Abstract. The WGNEO, a Working Group of Divisions I and III, was formed in the early 1990s to coordinate study of Earth-approaching asteroids and comets (NEOs) and provide timely advice to the General Secretary and officers of the IAU on discovery of any objects that threaten collision with the Earth. Since then, the WGNEO has steadily grown, reflecting increasing international interest and concern over impacts, especially from asteroids (which dominate over comets in their risk to Earth). In this triennium, the WGNEO had a membership of 49 (including the Organizing Committee of 17 members), plus 10 consultants. The Chair is David Morrison (USA), Vice-Chair Andrea Milani (Italy), Secretary Richard Binzel (USA), and Past-Chair Andrea Carusi (Italy).

IAU Transactions, Vol. 26A, Reports on Astronomy 2002-2005. Edited by O. Engvold. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007., pp.187-188
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