Committee for Small Body Nomenclature

Kilmartin, Pam M.; Tichá, Jana; A'Hearn, M. F.; Aksnes, K.; Fernández, J.; Kilmartin, P. M.; Kozai, Y.; Lazzaro, D.; Marsden, B. G.; Schmadel, L. D.; Shor, V. A.; Tichá, J.; West, R. M.; Williams, G. V.; Williams, I. P.; Yeomans, D. K.; Zhu, J.; Green, D. W. E.

Abstract. As for comets 619 comets received names from July 2002 to June 2005. Of this naming 76 percent are SOHO comets and 11 percent include the name of the LINEAR project. A revision of the guidelines for naming comets has been completed in March 2003. The assistance of the director of CBAT, Daniel W. E. Green, in redrafting these guidelines was much appreciated by the committee.

IAU Transactions, Vol. 26A, Reports on Astronomy 2002-2005. Edited by O. Engvold. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007., pp.175-177
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