Division III / Working Group Committee on Small Bodies Nomenclature

Tichá, Jana; Marsden, Brian G.; Bowell, Edward L. G.; Williams, Iwan P.; Marsden, Brian G.; Green, Daniel W. E.; Aksnes, Kaare; Schulz, Rita M.; A'Hearn, Michael F.; Fernández, Julio A.; Kilmartin, Pamela; Kozai, Yoshihide; Lazzaro, Daniela; Nakano, Syuichi; Noll, Keith S.; Schmadel, Lutz D.; Shor, Viktor A.; West, Richard M.; Williams, Gareth V.; Yeomans, Donald K.; Zhu, Jin

Abstract. A total of 701 comets received names between July 2005 and June 2008. Comets observed only from the SOHO and STEREO missions, as well as further comets recognized from the long-defunct SOLWIND satellite, accounted for 520 of these names.

Transactions IAU, Volume 4, Issue 27A, Reports on Astronomy 2006-2009. Edited by Karel van der Hucht. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009, p. 187-189
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