Astrometry of Outer Solar System Bodies with small telescope

J. Ticha, M. Tichy
Klet' Observatory, Zatkovo nabrezi 4
CZ-370 01 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
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Abstract. Astrometry for an accurate orbit determination of distant objects, i.e. transneptunian objects, Centaurs and other peculiar objects is usually made with large telescopes ranging from 2 to 10 meters. In selected cases a bright(er) part of their population has been effectively observed with small 0.6 to 1 meter class telescopes. We point out here our methods and techniques used at the Klet Observatory, including results and some problems of the follow-up astrometry of faint (fainter than mag. 20 V) and slowly moving objects with a small telesope. The extension of this observing programme to fainter objects using new larger telescope is in preparation.

The Transneptunian Population, 24th meeting of the IAU, Joint Discussion 4, August 2000, Manchester, England, Abstract Book GA IAU p.157
Highlights of Astronomy Vol. 12, International Astronomical Union 2002, H. Rickman Ed., pp.253-254
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