Astrometry of Outer Solar System Bodies - Experience with Small Telescope and Future Plans

J. Ticha, M. Tichy, Z. Moravec
Klet' Observatory, Zatkovo nabrezi 4
CZ-370 01 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic
e-mail :

Abstract. Astrometry of faint and slowly moving objects in the outer solar system is considered to be the target for large telescopes, but in special cases observations using small telescopes were obtained. We have measured precise positions of several Centaur-type asteroids (including recovery of 1997 CU26) and also of Transneptunian object 1996 TL66 using 0.57-m f/5.2 reflector equipped with CCD at the Klet Observatory.
This work will be extended to fainter objects with new 1.02-m reflector at Klet, whose start of operation is planned in the turn of 1998/1999.

In Minor Bodies in the Outer Solar System, eds. A. Fitzsimmons, D. Jewitt, R. M. West, Springer (2000), pp.165-167
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