Division III: Committee on Small Body Nomenclature

Ticha, Jana; Marsden, Brian G.; Meech, Karen; Green, Daniel; Schulz, Rita; A'Hearn, Michael F.; Bowell, Edward L. G.; Fernandez, Julio; Kilmartin, Pam; Nakano, Syuichi; Noll, Keith; Schmadel, Lutz; Shor, Viktor; Williams, Gareth; Yeomans, Donald K.; Zhu, Jin

Abstract. The CSBN meeting held in Rio de Janeiro on August 11 was attended by just six members, including Pam Kilmartin as the acting chair, and several visitors. Since there was not a quorum of members, it was not possible to make any decisions. But there was a good discussion on many topics, from which several points emerged that should be more fully discussed by the whole committee during the next few months.

Transactions IAU, Volume 6, Issue T27, p. 184-185
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